Best of Jewish Washington

Thanks for participating in the 2017 Best of Jewish Washington survey! This year, we want to know about food. Jewish food — in Washington — you ask? But there's no Jewish deli! There's no kosher meat restaurant! How could we possibly talk about the best food in Jewish Washington? Answer: watch us.

Try to answer the questions as best you can and provide helpful comments whenever possible. Resist the urge to take this survey 218 times so that your uncle's friend's cousin's bratwurst joint wins. This will help us get nice clean data. Maybe you keep kosher. Maybe you don't think Seattle has anything to offer in terms of food at all. Maybe you are a Paleo-gluten-free-raw-foodist who subsists on beet greens, celery root, and rain water. Maybe the only good food you have ever tasted is what your mother cooks. There is a question for everyone in here, but it's OK if you don't relate to all of them. We get it. If it doesn't pertain, just skip it.